Arena Massage & Spa

Arena Massage & Spa brings you sensational massage by muscular skillful masseurs. You will enjoy being pampered by choosing among traditional oil massages and aromatherapy by a handsome, skillful, experienced masseur of your own choice. Our more-than-10-year experience will not disappoint you.

Arena Massage & Spa
Address: 491/23-24, 3/F, Silom Plaza, Bangak 10500 Thailand
Telephone: +662 635 3645

17 thoughts on “Arena Massage & Spa

  1. Dear i’m very happy to know that You changed and Moved in a New place. I’ll come back on december from 25 to 8 january. I hope to meet again Nu. He’s a wonderful guy ! Kisses from Italy. Mike

  2. August 14 2015……….Had a great four hands oil massage at arena……..great group of muscular and tattooed guys to choose from……..and a real happy ending…….will visit again soon on m next trip to bbk…..hope they enjoyed it too !

    1. Due to the agreement between our masseurs and Arena, their pictures will not post on the website for public for the time being. Please be advised that both Nuk and Sak are still the hot stars at Arena.

  3. Dear Michele,
    Pictures of masseurs may not be uploaded for the time being. This is an agreement between Arena and the masseurs on their wish. We respect employees’ rights and reasons. Since only very few of them are OK with uploading the pictures, we decided to follow the majority’s decision. We understand that it may create inconvenience to our guests. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

  4. Hello Friend, We will be travelling to Bangkok in December, and we are returning clients of Arena. We were there in 2012, and 2013. I just saw that you have moved. Are you anywhere near the old address? Are Tao and James still working there?

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