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What is the Minimum Tips? 什麼是最低小費

Our minimum tip is 500 Baht/hour.

~~~Why is there minimum tip? What does it include?~~~
There is minimum tip requirement in all gay massage parlours in Thailand because male masseurs in Thailand earn their living through minimum tip. They do not have a fixed salary. Therefore this minimum tips requirement is a universal rule in all gay spa and massage parlour in Thailand.

The 500 Baht/hour minimum tip includes the following services:-
1. Masseur wash your body for you in the shower
2. Massage services provided by the masseur
3. A hand job



~~~為什麼會有最低小費? 那最低小費又包括什麼服務? ~~~

1. 按摩師幫顧客洗澡
2. 按摩師的按摩服務
3. 幫顧客打手槍

Rights of Customers 顧客權力

Arena Spa values each of our customers very much! We would like to know what their rights are when having services at Arena Spa.

Have been engaging in this industry for more than 20 years, our experience tells us that disputes may occur especially when our customers have language barrier with our masseurs.

Common disputes include the following:-
1. Provide services not required by the customers
2. Asking for extra tips that is not agreed prior to having the service
3. Very poor massage
4. Customers do not understand the minimum tips rules on our printed menu prior to having the service

We would like to prevent this kind of disputes happening at Arena Spa and let our customers be satisfied with the services they pay and enjoy. Whenever there is any dispute, please act immediately to report to our Manager at the counter, our Manager will be the neutral middleman to help sort out the dispute for you. As a customer, you can ask to change a new masseur. Or perfectly, tell all your requests to our Manager before you have your massage.

As coin has two sides, we would like to be fair to both sides. If you complain to our Manager after the whole massage, it is difficult to believe that the chosen masseur cannot massage well. We do meet some customers who have tried and changed 3 masseurs, finished all 3 full sessions of massage  and still complained. This is a cheat actually.

Therefore, complain immediately during the first 15 minutes. I believe our dear customers can tell if a masseur can massage well or not in 15 minutes.

Thank you very much!

我們的服務目標以顧客之上, 因此希望我們的顧客知道他們的權利。


1. 按摩師的服務不是顧客要求的服務
2. 按摩師要求更多得小費,但雙方並未就此在按摩服務前作出約定
3. 按摩太差
4. 顧客在享受服務前並不知道最低小費是什麼



所以我們希望顧客可以第一時間向我們經理投訴。我們相信以您們的經驗在15分鐘之內一定可以知道您所選擇的按摩師服務的好與壞。所有享受整個您所選擇的按摩時間後下來才投訴的, 您都需要付費。

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Arena Spa Bangkok 曼谷愛麗娜

Arena Spa & Massage is located in the dazzling Silom area in Bangkok. This gay massage parlour is a renowned gay spa in town. Various kinds of massage are provided for male customers by our muscular handsome masseurs.They are to provide the massage and special services of your own choice. We believe you can experience a relaxing massage session with happiness, contentment and excitement.We are honoured to provide our humble services with many muscular handsome guys of your choice.

Our Price List:
1. Oil Massage: 490 Baht/hour
2. Cream Massage: 590 Baht/hour
3. Milk Cream Massage: 590 Baht/hour
4. Aroma Massage: 690 Baht/hour
5. Cream Scrub + Oil Massage (1.5 hours): 1,000 Baht/1.5 hour

Opening Hours: noon (12pm) to 11.00 pm

(Accept last customer at 10.30pm)

For any inquiries, please call +662 635 3645
For English, Mandarin and Cantonese: please call +6693 025 5148 (Manager Jody)
For Thai: please call +662 635 3645
Map of Arena
愛麗娜位於泰國曼谷是隆地區。我們此家男同志按摩專門店在曼谷已經數一數二, 並得到很多同業的認同。我們一切的服務都是由我們專業英偉的男性按摩師提供,為顧客提供多種按摩服務的選擇!相信可以使每一個顧客有賓至如歸、輕鬆舒服和安心刺激的感覺。希望我們高大威猛的按摩師可以為你提供貼身舒適的服務!
1. Oil Massage: 490 泰銖/小時
2. Cream Massage: 590 泰銖/小時
3. Milk Cream Massage: 590 泰銖/小時
4. Aroma Massage: 690 泰銖/小時
5. Cream Scrub + Oil Massage: 1,000 泰銖/1.5 小時
我們的營業時間: 12 pm (中午) 至 11 pm接最後客人於晚上10:30
如有任何問題, 請致電 +662 635 3645 查詢或英語、國語、普通話、廣東話: 請打+6693 025 5148 (經理Jody)