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Many people want to know about Arena Spa Bangkok masseurs. How do they look like? Are they muscular? We often receive requests for our masseurs’ photos, our reply is always the same –

“We are sorry for not being able to share pictures. As our masseurs do not receive salary from us, we have reached an agreement that no pictures of them are to be posted on our website, facebook and to customers directly. We respect their privacy, especially their life after work. However, upon their agreement, when you are having massage session with a masseur, you can ask if you can take picture of him.” ~ Arena Spa

We sincerely hope that our masseurs will be treated with great respect. However, we also understand that new customers may not have confidence in Arena Spa. Now, we have a compromised action here. The moment you walk into Arena, this is exactly what you will see. From this picture, we have answered many of your questions including:
1. Do our masseurs young and white? Most of them are. Not really white, but Asian kind of white (yellowish white)
2. Are our masseurs muscular? Yes, all of them are! Arena is famous for having the most straight, muscular masseurs.

89 thoughts on “Arena Spa Bangkok – Masseurs

  1. The nicest place in BKK. I have tried several skilful TOP masseurs.

    I always get very satisfied and I will com again.

    Pity that you do not publish portraits. Dificult to remember

    their names.

    1. Thank you very much for your compliments. If you find any masseur whom you like, you may wish to take picture of the masseur upon his agreement after the massage course. Then you can remember him.

    1. Correct! We have moved. But we are still in the same building, we are now on the third floor (3/F). We moved one floor up!

    1. We have no restriction on that as it is purely between you and J. Did you get the mobile number from him directly?

  2. I’m Top and I’m just wonder should I come to you or not cuz I heard you’ve a lot of muscular top. Any manly bot? 🙂

    1. Yes. Please come and choose the right type by yourself! I am sure you can find a few masseurs of your preference.

  3. I m staying in Mandrain Hotel in Rama IV road. How to go to your place? What is the earlier time to have your service?

    1. We open at 12pm. From Mandarin Hotel, the easiest way is to take the BTS at Saladeang Station, then get on the BTS Chongnonsis Station. It costs I think not more than THB20 baht for this BTS journey. Then choose Exit 3 when you reach Chongnonsis station, walk down the stairs and go straight on until you see an intersection, then turn left. When you make this turn, you will see Thai Airways town office. Then you will see a Krung Thai bank with some ATM machines, walk 5 more steps, you will see Silom Plaza. When you reach Silom PLaza, you will find SuperRich as well. Walk into Silom PLaza. At far end, you will see the elevator. Take the elevator to 3/F. Arena will be right in front of you.

    1. The best way is to take the BTS to Chongnonsi Station. Then take exit 3. Go straight on until you see an intersection, turn left. At this corner you will see Thai Airways Town Office. Go straight on for 15 steps, you will see Silom Plaza. This is where we are. At the entrance of Silom Plaza, you will see ‘Super Rich’ Money Exchange office (Big and Orange in colour).

  4. Good evening as it gets by you from the Grand Hotel Majestic, 12 Sukhumvit Soi 2?
    I’d like to make a nice massage with a handsome man.

    1. We would highly recommend you come to Arena at least once to lock up all your preferred masseurs for outcall service. Outcall service is for member only. COme to Arena once,then you will automatically become Arena member without extra membership fee. The problem is if a customer does not have the name of the masseur for outcall, and we choose according to one line of description of the type of masseur the customer wants, it always turns out that the customers have more other things they look for. It is difficult to send the correct type of masseur to you.

  5. Hi, if I want to get the best selection of your biggest muscled massuers..what days would I need to come? And what is the best time to have the biggest selection of your biggest muscle guys?

  6. Do your therapist also serve young lady? Can I come with my wife to have massage together ?we will be in Bangkok next Monday .

  7. Hi, so are you saying that when you open every day at 12.00 not all of the massuers are there to choose from? Some may start later than 12.00?

    1. Half of our masseurs come at 12pm, but if you want to see many many masseurs. The best time will be 14:00 onwards. Flexible working hours is our policy to suit the messeurs’ needs.

  8. Can I give the maseur his tip before we start massage ?? I want to pre-pay everything before we start. Is this possible ?

  9. Hi, is there any email I can contact someone at Arena with? I came into today and had an extremely bad experience with one therapist. I also came to Arena two days ago and had an extremely amazing experience, one of the best ever. I left in a hurry because the therapist was arguing, but I would like to clarify why I left so upset. I think Arena is one of the best, but I would like to make it clear about my experience today.

  10. Hi. If I asked you who are the biggest, muscled guy you have, could you name that guy? I’m looking for your biggest muscle guy for a massage

          1. Nu normally works nearly every day, except when he asks for home leave. Recently, he is not taking any leave.

  11. ARENA est facile à trouver sur Silom si vous vous rappelez qu’il faut monter au 3° étage. Je fréquente cet établissement depuis plusieurs années. Les lieux ont été rénovés récemment et sont extrêmement propres. Les chambres ont tout le confort désiré : douche, lumière tamisée et climatisation.
    Il y a 15 ou 20 gars qui se proposent à votre choix, ils sont tous bien bâtis et très compétents. Petit conseil personnel : choisissez plutôt un gars qui vous souri qu’un bel éphèbe qui détourne le regard. La nature a ses raisons que la raison ne doit pas ignorer !
    Un massage d’une heure coûte entre 17 et 32$. Le “pourboire” mini est 20$, convenez du prix en expliquant clairement ce que vous désirez en plus du massage, avant le massage. Pour le mini vous aurez une “gentille fin”, pour une pénétration fantasmatique ce sera plus cher, il vaut mieux négocier avant ! Rappelez-vous que ce que vous donnerez au masseur sera sont seul salaire.

  12. I was at Arena some time ago, in the old venue. I will be back to Bangkok shortly and I will get back, as my last 2 visits were extremely satisfying. I like extremely young therapists. No matter if not extremely muscular.
    A few years ago I was serviced by Ping (if I remember correct the name). Will he be available during the third week in September?
    Or any similar therapist?

    1. Ping has a car accident and currently recovering in the upcountry. We are not sure when he will come. He sometimes comes but not often.

  13. Went there twice. The 1st one was amazing. I forgot his name but he did a good massage and happy ending. The second one was a little less compared to my 1st visit. I am a small built guy and the only problem i faced during those sessions were they thought I was bottom and I am not. Hahaha.

    So is there any chance for me to identify which masseurs are bottom or at least flex?

      1. Hahaha, I am top but like top looking and muscular guys who are actually bottom. Should I ask the manager to advise me when I come ? Planning to travel to Bangkok on 20th of this month

    1. Hello, I have a question!
      I see some people (including you) making reference to the masseurs being top or bottom… why is this important?
      Does intercourse actually happen here?

  14. I will be staying in AVANI Atrium Bangkok in Phetchaburi Road Sukhumvit.. How do I get there? Will I be having difficulty finding the place via train? Or taxi is more advisable. Im worried that the driver may not know the place

    Prompt response will be highly appreciated

    1. I will not recommend taxi during rush hours. I think you’d better their the subway (MRT) and get off at Silom Station, which is an interchange station for BTS. Take the BTS to Chongnonsi station. Then choose Exit 3, walk down the stairs and go straight on. When you see the intersection, turn left. Once you turn left you will see Thai Airways Town office right at the turn (corner). Walk another 15-25 steps, you will see Silom Plaza on your left. At the entrance, you will notice a big Super Rich office in orange. Then you are at the place. Just walk into Silom Plaza, where you will see a lot of Chinese restaurants. Then take the elevator to 3/F. Arena will be in front of you.

      However, if you want to take taxi, please choose to take it from 12:30-3:00pm, which is not rush hours. Tell the taxi driver to go to Silom Plaza, at the intersection of Silom road and Narathiwas road.

  15. Hello,
    I’m thinking to come your spa today to get massage. What time is the best time if I take taxi and best to pick a Top biggest masseur at your spa ? I’m looking for 2hrs milk massage treatment.
    Let me know via my email.

  16. my bf and i went together today and i asked for a muscle guy,i forgot to ask for his wechat, we went to arena at about 19pm ,after a happy ending,we talked so much,can you ask him for wechat ,thanks very much,he said he is 27 years old,4 times a week going to gym,live not far away from milinium hilton hotel,i want to make friend with him . next time(not far away )i come to bkk i will go to arena again

  17. Hi! I would like to come visit today. Is Nu working today? I would like to reserve 1.5 hour oil massage with him today if possible. Please reply ASAP so I could plan my day accordingly. Thank you.

  18. I send my condolences. I am impressed with your advice and guidance you give to your clients! And also the direct question on the rates of the massage and minimum tip. I will be there in December n will come and get a massage at least once. I have tried another place but it is too expensive.

  19. Went in August 2016. Once I entered the place all the guys stopped whatever they were doing and formed a line. Man it was really difficult to pick a masseur. I chose the one who made eye contact and smiled at me (eagerly raising his hands to get my attention). It was a great session (my first time, very nervous lol). Will come back again in 2017 to try other guys… How can I resist them cute smiles 😉

  20. Arena Spa is a reason to fly to Bangkok. A tourist attraction. I always get great massages from handsome TOP boys. I love muscles.

    Soon I will come again and enjoy 2 hours sessions. I never tried 4 hands. How much do I pay ???

  21. I will be coming on this Thursday afternoon. Will you guys have some good looking and muscular bottom masseurs available? Any names? I like big and musculae chest.

  22. Visited Arena first time this week. When I walked into the door, all the guys stopped what they doing and greeted. I was not quite comfortable in such situation, as I felt it was not right for me do pick and choose in front of waiting guys. Anyway, I had to pick one, and i chose a guy that stood out of the crowd as he was the only one wear full clothing with hat on. You could easily to pick other guys with very nice body, I picked this guy as his face shine to me, very nice face. His name is Art 3. I had an amazing 90 mins session with Art 3, strong hands, great technique, nice body though he said he doesn’t think so hence why he had fully cloth in the crowd. I left with very satisfied and will come back again.

  23. Hello there, i am very impressed with how descriptive the shop to customers.

    As seen above, happy ending available, but is it including sexual intercourse or just hand job? I have never been to a gay massage before..
    I am in closet and I am very nervous 29years old and manly.. so please let me know and oh im versatile top..

    looking forward to hear from you.

  24. Hello,

    I am often in BKK but never tried your massage before. My next trip is at Xmas time. Can I ask do you do outcall? I stay near by your place. If I go to your place do I make appointment first? Also can I ask for a bottom since I am a top. I can give good tips no problem and I like 90 minutes hard massage and sex. I like good looking young boy not too big just toned and handsome.



    1. We are not advanced enough to accept WeChat and Alipay. We wish to figure out how to set up these account for the convenience of customers from China.

  25. I want to know the muscular top handsome man from arena name is Nu or Nuk . I have already been there for several times and I remember the guy , he told me his name is Nuk . Is Nu and Nuk are the same ?
    Or two different masseurs namely Nu and Nuk ?
    If only one person namely Nuk , does he work everyday ? I wanna make an appointment .

  26. Is Nu and Nuk are the same guy ?
    I already had been to arena and had a wonderful moment with a handsome guy , he told me that his name is Nuk .
    Is he a star masseur ? I read the comments above and there is a similar name called Nu .
    If only one guy called Nuk is present , I wanna make a appointment . Is he available everyday ?

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