Price for Massage Course at Arena

Coming to Arena Massage & Spa for a relaxing massage for men by men.

Many of you have asked about our price per a massage course. Here you are. Normally, customers choose a masseur per massage course. If you would like to pick two masseurs, you will need to pay a massage course per each masseur.

Our best seller is milk oil massage which costs THB 690 per hour. Our milk oil is made with authentic milk. Once our masseur gently rubs onto your skin, you will immediately smell the aroma of milk and feel the smoothness on your skin. A very good way to relax your muscles and pamper your body with the skillful massage given by your chosen masseur.


24 thoughts on “Price for Massage Course at Arena

    1. Tipping more may denote extra services that should be negotiated between you and the masseur. It also depends what do you mean by getting more.

    1. We would highly recommend you to come to Arena at least once to get to know your preferred masseurs. We only provide outcall service when customers can ask for a masseur by their name. In addition, not all masseurs wish to take outcall services, especially those star masseurs.

    1. We don’t have outcall service unless you know the masseur by name. It is to avoid your disappointment. Normally, any customers have come to Arena at least once, and they can remember the masseur’s name, we will then accommodate outcall service. Tips and service charge will be higher. However, we really recommend you come to Arena in person.

  1. i would like a 11/2 h oil massage with body scrub tomorrow 11/12/2016
    how far from the shangri – la hotel? walk or taxi? Preferably late morning.

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