Rights of Our Customers

Arena values each of our customers very much! We would like to know what their rights are when having services at Arena.

Engaging in this industry for more than 20 years, our experience tells us that disputes may occur especially when our customers have language barrier with our masseurs.

Common disputes include the following:-
(1) Provide services not required by the customers
(2) Asking for extra tips that is not agreed priorly
(3) Very poor massage
(4) Customers do not understand the minium tips rules on our printed menu prior to having our service

We would like to prevent this kind of dispute happening at Arena and let our customers be satisfied with the services they pay and enjoy.  Whenever there is any dispute, please act immediately to report to our Manager at the counter, our Manager will be the middleman understanding the dispute and sort out the dispute for you. As a customer, you can ask to change a new masseur. Or perfectly, tell all your requests to our Manager before you have your massage.

As coin has two sides, we would like to be fair to both sides. If you complain to our Manager after the whole massage, it is difficult to believe that the chosen masseur cannot massage well. We do meet some customers who have tried and changed 3 masseurs and still complaint, this is a cheat actually.

Therefore, complain immediately during the first 15 minutes. I believe our dear customers can tell if a masseur can massage well in 15 minutes.

我們的服務目標以顧客至上, 因此希望我們的顧客知道他們的權利.

我們20年的經驗告訴我們久不久就會有顧客因為語言不通問題造成按摩師與顧客有誤會. 彼此的誤會都有關以下問題:-

(1) 按摩師的服務不是顧客要求的服務
(2) 按摩師要求更多的小費, 但雙方並未就此在按摩服務前作出約定
(3) 按摩太差
(4) 顧客在享受服務前並不知道最低小費是什麼

為免有以上的事情發生, 當有任何不滿立刻到櫃檯與我們的經理作出投訴. 我們的經理會以中間人身分調停, 客人也可以要求換人, 本店不會另加收費. 最好的做法是在挑選按摩師前告訴我們經理你所需要的服務和要求.

所有事情都有兩面. 本店希望可以對雙方都公平, 因此在您享受整個按摩服務下來付錢的時候才投訴按摩師服務不好或有問題, 的確很難令人相信您所選擇的按摩師有問題. 我們也有遇過一些客人換了3個按摩師, 享受了3個小時的按摩還說不好而不願意付錢. 本店認為這對我們本店和員工都不公平, 也有欺騙成分.

所以我們希望顧客可以第一時間向我們經理投訴. 我們相信以您們的經驗在15分鐘之內一定可以知道您所選擇的按摩師服務的好與壞. 所有享受整個您所選購的按摩時間後下來才投訴的, 您都需要付費.

8 thoughts on “Rights of Our Customers

  1. This is great, it is really fair to both sides and by laying out the expectations before it should help resolve most genuine complaints. Having said that I want to ask customers like me to play the game fair. The boys have to eat and pay rent and buy clothes etc just like you and I. You can read this and know what you have a right to expect for the minimum tip. If you have a special request outside of that or you want to know more about the boy (for example you want a boy who is gay and not just gay for pay or a boy who is passive then tell the manager when you go in or when you book and ask him to only send boys that meet your requirements

  2. Hi there,

    I came last year Sep and ordered a masseur with big beast which very good, unfortunately, I forgot his name. I will come to Bangkok on 7-9 May, and would like to reserve for gay massage. May I have any big beast masseur can be recommended?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. ARENA is easy to find on Silon. Only remenber that it is on level 3. I often go to this place since many years. This place is very clean as it,s recently renoved. Rooms are cofortable whith private shower, soft light and air conditioning. You must choise beetwen 15 or 20 sexy boys with hight ability of massage. It,s beter to choise a boy who smiles to you that the one who looks another direction ! 1 hour massage cost beetwen 17 to 32$. Tip minimum is 20$, with a “gentle end”. Explane exactly what you want, if you want another service, and negotiate the price. Remenber that what you give to the masseur is his only wage !

  4. Which BTS nearer, Chong nonsi or Sala Deang ?

    Are there many masseurs to choose from if I were to visit between 4 to 6 p.m.?

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