What is the Minimum Tips 最低消費是什麼?

Our minimum tip is 700 Baht/hour.

~~~Why is there minimum tip? What does it include?~~~
There is minimum tip requirement in all men massage for men by men parlours because male masseurs in Thailand earn their living through minimum tip. They do not have salary. Therefore this minimum tip requirement is a universal rule in all men massage parlours in Thailand.

The 700 baht/hour minimum tip includes the following services:-
(1) Masseur wash your body for you in the shower
(2) Massage services provided by the masseur
(3) A hand job


~~~為什麼會有最低小費? 那最低小費又包括什麼服務?~~~
在全泰國包括曼谷所有的男同性按摩店都有最低小費的設定. 這是因為在這些按摩店工作的按摩師並沒有工資,他們只靠小費維生. 因此在泰國每一所同類的男同性按摩店都設有最低小費的要求! 我們提議您在任何一間按摩店接受服務前都應問清楚小費的設定.

(1) 按摩師幫顧客洗澡
(2) 按摩師的按摩服務
(3) 幫顧客打手槍

27 thoughts on “What is the Minimum Tips 最低消費是什麼?

  1. Sawat dee krub from Hua Hin
    A friend of mine who is into hunky guys loves Arena. I tend more for the
    boyish, naturally gay guys. Any chance to get such a boy at Arena? Will be
    in Bangrak in two weeks after a long time.

    1. You absolutely need to ask about the additional services before the massage. Discuss and confirm all charges first before the massage.

    1. We accept our last customer at 10pm, so it’s recommended to come that late. 12-2pm is good time to get the most number masseurs. Besides, we open at 12pm, so masseurs are fresher.

  2. How do go by telling the masseur that I need more than just hand job and want more like romance kinda service? Also I am not good in making arrangement with the price and all. What do you suggest? thank u

  3. I have visited several massage pallor in Bangkok that offer happy endings. I wish to have a boyish masseur that offer this service beyond hand job.

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